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Is your cat leaving his usual food untouched? Well, you might be serving him with dry food, and he won’t have it anymore. Wet food is not only tasty to cats but also beneficial to their health. For instance, if he doesn’t like taking water, this type of food has got you covered.

And water has a variety of benefits like preventing infections in the urinary tract system. And if the cat is young, dry food could be doing injustice to his mouth, and especially the gums. Therefore, topping up some moisturized food could be the solution.

However, it tends to be more costly than the dry kibble you are used to. But its benefits are worth it. There is a variety of wet food for your kitty in the market, which might be very confusing when it comes to selection.

The truth is that they still differ in one way or another. It could be the nutritional content or even the texture. Moreover, some taste better than others. The good news is that you are in the right place to find out the necessary details.

To make your search easier, below are five types of wet food that are fit for your kitty, and that I highly recommend that you go through whenever you have some time to spare. I have included their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Best Wet Cat Food List


Purina Fancy Feast Creamy Delights

Is your feline a lover of the seafood taste in his meals? If he is, this food at the top of my list could be perfect for him. It is because its flavors include salmon and tuna. The manufacturer also added chicken and the chicken flavor with sauce.

What about its texture? It comes in a flake or pate` texture with a top-up of cream sauce, which almost any kitty will find it hard to resist. Are you concerned about its nutritional value? It might please you to know that it includes vitamins A, E, K, B12, riboflavin, and thiamine.

Therefore, with every meal, your pet gets the nutrients that he needs for a healthy body. It also means that the chances of getting infections or being ill are reduced significantly. Since milk helps their gut system, a little has been added even though it is still adequate.

Cats’ digestive tracts have difficulty in getting some proteins digested. However, with this food, that is not the case. It is because they are real, and therefore, their gut will have no problems.


  • No trouble in the digestion process
  • It comes with four flavors
  • Includes vitamins and minerals
  • It has a flake or pate` texture with cream sauce


  • A customer complained of its smell


Sheba Perfect Portions Pate’

Knowing the proportion of food that your kitty requires can cause a debate sometimes. Furthermore, the needs of a kitten are different from that of an adult. However, this food comes in a tray, which is divided into two parts.

Therefore, you can give the first portion during the first meal, and the second one for the next meal. If you are always cautious not to include ay fillers in your feline’s food, then this could be perfect for you.

The reason being it is free of corn, wheat, and soy. Does it come in one flavor? No, it doesn’t. It comes in three, which gives you the option of selecting the one that you think is the best for your kitty.

And if your cat has always had some complications with his digestive system, this meal is easy to digest. It is also adequately wet and not too much like some foods that you may find out there. What about its nutrients?

It has both vitamins like vitamin D and minerals such as fish oil, which will ensure that your kitty is healthy. 


  • It has already been divided into portions for you to avoid wastage
  • This food is quick to digest
  • It comes in three different flavors for you to choose
  • Free of fillers


  • Watch out for the condition of this food on arrival, since some customers complained that it was bloated and some had bugs


Meow Mixed Seafood Selections

Purchasing food for your feline friend is an expense. It is because he has to feed daily, and it still depends on the number of times you feed him. The good thing about this wet food is that it is cheap and therefore, you won’t feel the strain.

It is advisable to feed your cat at least twice a day, with some even going to three times. This wet food comes in twenty-four packs, and each consists of real proteins such as tuna, crab, and salmon. It will also boost his health. Therefore, if your kitty is a fan of seafood taste, you are good to go.

Since it has moisture, it ensures smooth digestion. Furthermore, you do not have to force him to take water if it is usually an issue. They are packed in containers, each of 2.75 ounces, which are effortless to open. Are you concerned that it may be insufficient for an adult cat? You can stop worrying since it is just the perfect amount.


  • Comes in containers that are easy to open
  • Comes in three different flavors, which will ensure that your cat doesn’t get bored
  • It is the perfect amount for adult cats
  • Has vitamins and minerals


  • The recommended portions for this food may just be too much per serving


Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Pate’

Just like babies, kittens are very delicate. Therefore, you should be very cautious with what you give them. This wet food is, however, a good option for them. It lacks grains, preservatives, unnatural colors, and flavors.

The by-products of meat tend to discourage cats from eating after a while. Well, you wouldn’t blame them. It is like taking chicken soup and not tasting the meat at all. Therefore, it leaves them unsatisfied. Fortunately, this meal does not include any of that.

But what does it contain? Its ingredients consist of whole proteins from chicken and chicken liver. It will ensure that they have no complications with their digestion. Since vegetables and fruits are a source of essential nutrients, they have been added to this meal.

Does it have any minerals? Yes, it does. It includes taurine and folic acid. Taurine helps to keep your kitten’s muscles and heart functioning well, while folic acid assists in the development of cells in the right manner.


  • Has vegetables, fruits, proteins, and minerals
  • Perfect for kittens
  • Ensures smooth digestion
  • Doesn’t have grains, preservatives, by-products of meat, unnatural colors, and flavors


  • Confirm the expiration date of this food before purchase


Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Urinary Tract Health Formula

How old is your cat? If he is growing old, you may have to consider getting him this wet food that will keep him from getting urinary tract infections. You must be wondering how that works. Well, this meal not only neutralizes the ph level but also contains a low percentage of magnesium, unlike other cat foods in the market.

It also keeps him hydrated and, therefore, prevents the crystals of urine from forming and causing the infection. Does it have nutrients? Yes, it does. It comes with vitamins and minerals that will keep your cat healthy. It also has proteins from real meat to maintain healthy muscles.

It ensures that his immune system is keen to keep him from being ill unnecessarily. And if there is no improvement after its consumption, your money will be refunded to you.


  • Ensures that your cat doesn’t have to experience urinary tract infection
  • Has vitamins and minerals
  • It’s a source of proteins
  • Perfect for adult cats


  • Not suitable for cats that are expectant or nursing

Why settle for wet cat food?

The importance of wet food, as opposed to dry food for cats, is controversial. Some felines will prefer the former over the latter and vice versa. Well, it is very reasonable and applicable to human beings too.

The reason being what you like is not what I would go for even when the benefits are almost the same. How does wet food help cats?

Provides moisture

If your cat is the type that doesn’t like drinking water, getting wet food for him could do some good. It is because the food is already moisturized, which will keep him hydrated. It also means that once he takes his meal, it is as if he also had some water.

Water helps ensure that your feline’s digestion is as smooth as possible. Especially if he has had such a problem in the past, this could be the solution. You must have experienced a digestion issue in the past and, therefore, understand how uncomfortable it can be.

In some cases, you even lose your appetite. And since you kitty can’t speak, he could be suffering from the inside while you just think he is bored with his usual food, and change could be the magic. While this may be true, your vet is the only one who can make such a conclusion.

Once your vet confirms that he is having difficulty in digesting food, you could consider getting some probiotics. However, you should still enquire if it is safe. After all, everyone reacts differently to a variety of substances, and it is not predictable.

It aids with dental issues

If your cat has sensitive gums or currently has a cavity in his teeth, dry food could be making things worse for him. Wet food will ensure that he doesn’t have to use a lot of force as he chews and, therefore, minimizes the pain.

Prevents kidney or urinary tract infections

Specific wet foods have been designed to ensure that your feline friend is not going to get certain diseases. For instance, with one of the wet foods I reviewed, its percentage of magnesium was low.

It also maintained the ph at a neutral condition. These two characteristics prevent the make-up of urine crystals, which in turn cause the infection. Therefore, if your cat has gone through such complications in the past, it could be a dealbreaker.

However, I will still insist that you consult your vet before making any changes. Otherwise, you could be putting your pet at more risk that you do not know.

What can you do about a finicky cat?

Kitties can also be selective in terms of the food that they eat. They may just wake up one day and decide that they do not want whatever you have been offering them. You may be worried that he is not feeling well, which could be true.

You could also try out the tips below before proceeding to the vet:

Change his diet

You should consider making some changes to what he normally eats. If he is always eating dry kibble, you could spice up the taste a bit. For example, you could add wet food in the flavors that he normally likes.

You could even go for a whole new taste of kibble. If it is always the chicken flavor, get him some seafood taste of either salmon or tuna. He could like it or just smell it without looking back if he won’t be a fan.

To be sincere, this is just a trial and error exercise, and it may not be productive at the end of it all. However, your pet is worth it, and therefore, you should continue trying while making little and significant changes alike, and as you see fit.

He won’t starve forever, and there is something that he will like among all your options.


How many times do you feed your cat in a day? It is understandable that you may be at work all day and only feed him twice or even once. I know that you love your cat. Unfortunately, giving him one meal a day, regardless of it being equivalent to two meals, may not be healthy for him.

For those who are rarely at home during workdays, you tend to overfeed your pet on the weekends. Well, the inconsistency could be the cause of the problem. If you are guilty, you should consider a scenario that favors both of you.

For instance, you could feed him in the morning with wet food. Once he is done, you could add some dry food to the bowl. Whenever he is hungry, he will have his next meal while you are at work. And once you get back, he can have his third meal, summing up to three times. Therefore, do not give the excuse that you work too much and have no time to feed your kitty.

Shun by-products

Another reason why your cat doesn’t like his food anymore is the kind of food you buy. Just like human beings, cats do not like by-products. They may take it for long without opposing, but a day will come.

By-products fill your tummy but do not give the satisfaction that you are yearning for. Therefore, getting the whole kitten food and not their substitutes is a good idea. You could be a little clever and mix up the two if you find them costly for your budget.

The right temperature for his food

Some cats may prefer their food at a certain temperature. Maybe a little warm, that is not too cold and not hot either. Of all the reasons, this is the easiest to solve. All you have to do is put his bowl in the oven for a short while, and the problem is solved.

Ensure that it doesn’t get too hot. It is because if he is famished, he may jump right into it and get burnt.

Purchase Guide

Getting the right wet food for your cat may be a challenge with all the options in the market. What I like about this type of food is that most have been made to meet certain needs. For instance, some are perfect for older cats, while others are good for kittens.

However, there are factors to consider to ensure that you make a wise choice. They include:


In as much as the cost of the moisturized food should not be the first consideration, it is true to say that it is the factor that even attracts us to a product in the first place. Furthermore, you can’t spend what you do not have.

You could also have more than one cat. Therefore, buying expensive cat food may drain your standard expenses, which are also important. Will the cats eat well for you to end up asking your boss for an advance? No!

Therefore, the food that you buy has to be within your set budget. And if it is sudden, you might have to consider the wet food that you can afford without straining too much.

Type of protein

There are different types of proteins. First, you have to ensure that it is not from plants. And if it is an animal protein, it should be genuine. You might be wondering what I mean. Some proteins in wet food are only by-products of the actual sources of protein.

Getting this type of food can only complicate your cat’s digestion process and give you more problems. Therefore, no matter how cheap it may be, do not even consider it.


The nutrients provided by the food should be a factor to keep in mind. It should contain vitamins and minerals to promote the health of your cat. For vitamins, it could have vitamin B1, B2, A, E, K, and B12. They could be from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Whereas minerals could be the folic acid, which is essential for the development of cells and taurine to promote healthy eyes and a heart that is functioning correctly.


Is your kitty older or young? They both have different requirements that you might already know or not. Kittens need wet food that comes with a lot of calories, while still nurturing their immune systems.

As for adult cats, their calorie percentage should be low, and instead have minerals to cater to their active bodies like supporting the muscles.

Watch out for unnatural substances

It is inclusive of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. When your kitten consumes moisturized cat food with unnatural substances, the effects may not showcase themselves immediately, but they will later. For instance, when we consume such substances ourselves, it could bring about diseases later.

It is usually the case when we grow older, and our immune system can no longer fight to keep us healthy. The same goes for cats. As for artificial flavors, they discourage them from eating since they do not give real satisfaction.

Even though they are natural, you should also ensure that there are no fillers such as corn or wheat. Therefore, avoid wet food with such substances.


How sure are you that your kitty will love the wet food that you are buying? It may not cost you a fortune, but it may also not be cheap. Maybe you even have to ship it to your home country. Most of these foods do not come with any guarantee.

However, with some, if your pet doesn’t like it, your money may be refunded. But this is after you have followed all the procedures put up for such a circumstance. Therefore, consider what you feel is best for you.


I am very grateful for your time. I hope that you found my article useful. I reviewed five types of wet foods for kitties and went through a buying guide for you to get one that is perfect for you and your cat.

However, my top pick is the Purina Fancy Feast Creamy Delights. For starters, it comes in four flavors of salmon, tuna, chicken, and chicken with sauce. These proteins are real and will, therefore, ensure a smooth digestion process. Some milk has also been added for that same purpose.

Its texture is either plate’ or flake, and it has a top-up of creamy sauce. Regarding its nutritional value, it has riboflavin, thiamine, vitamins A, K, E, and B12, which will keep your feline healthy.
If it suits your needs and that of your kitty, you should get a pack while stock lasts!

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