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Cats are lovely creatures to have around. Our curious little furry friends are fun to play with, and they just simply complete our homes. Owning a cat means that you ought to have a litter box; it is an essential item that cats need.

You obviously want to have a beautiful home and also desire to maintain your décor, and let's just face it, litter boxes are not a pretty accessory. They are necessary and practical, but it can really be awkward having the item in your living space; most of the time, you would feel like they are just out of place.

The news is that you can now have a discreet enclosure for your cat’s litter boxes, that’s right, litter boxes that your cat can use, and that can be comfortable keeping in plain sight. These items bear clever designs that complement your living space quite well; they are decorative and also very unique.

There are quite many products in the market that you can select, some of which bear more functionality than others. This makes it difficult for many cat owners to identify the best product for their pets.
We have taken the time and looked into these items, and found that the following items are going to be ideal for your pet:

Best Litter Box Furniture List



This is simply one of the best and most highly sought-after items among cat owners. The utility is top-notch, as you will be getting a litter box furniture that doubles up as a pet house if you desire to use it in that manner. The design of the product is quite outstanding, and you could easily mistake it for a bedside cabinet.

If you desire a spacious commodity, then this is the best choice for you. It is huge enough to accommodate large cats, unlike many similar products that have been designed for small animals. It is one of the easiest to clean, as the front-facing side can be opened completely for easy access.

The user-friendliness is excellent. The installation process is elementary to follow; you will not require a professional to put this unit together. You will have different color options to choose from, depending on your preferences, and the décor of your living space.


  • The size of the product is amazing. It will easily accommodate the largest cats, and also be spacious enough for a decent pet house.
  • The assembly process is elementary, and you can do it yourself as it is quite simple.
  • The design of the item makes it excellent. It will complement your living space very well.


  • This product is not sturdy; users have complained that the materials are flimsy.
  • You will have to purchase an actual litter box separately, as it is not included with the furniture


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Discreet litter box furniture de.o not come much better than this. If you were to find this item in a furniture store, you would mistake it for a superb end table, but there's more than what meets the eye. The item bears unique functionality, and your cat will certainly love this item.

This excellent item is ideal as it is very easy to clean. It is impervious to water, and the walls do not absorb fluids, meaning that it will not get damaged by cat urine. It is also sturdy as it has been built to last a long time.

You get several color options that you can select based on the décor of your living space. It is both decorative and practical, and this makes it a must-have product for any cat owner. The assembly process is quite straightforward, and you will not need tools to put it together.


  • The styling is quite high-end, it will complement your living space perfectly, and this makes it an excellent choice.
  • Unlike most furniture, this item is quite easy to clean, as it does not absorb fluids.
  • The assembly process is a simple DIY process, and you do not need to have a professional to set it up.


  • This is not going to be a proper option if you happen to have a large cat.
  • Some users have complained that the item retains the smell of urine.


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This is one of the products that bear a brilliant design, and also one that is very practical and functional. It is furniture that could double up as a pet house for your pet, and you, therefore, get the assurance that you have a highly flexible commodity.

This item is quite spacious, and it will certainly be ideal for both small and large cats. It also gives you ideal storage space, as you can place items such as clocks and other decorations at the top. The item provides a great deal of air circulation, and it does not retain the scent of urine.

In terms of durability, you will be getting a product that will serve your cat for many years.


  • Unlike most commodities in the market, this item is quite spacious, making it an excellent choice for both large and small cats.
  • The item does not retain the scent of urine, and this makes it appropriate for indoor use.
  • The item provides you with excellent value for money since it is quite affordable and bears excellent quality.


  • The entrance is quite low, and big cats might struggle to get inside.
  • Some users have complained that the assembly instructions are complicated to follow, and this makes the process difficult.


Plant Hidden

When it comes to design cleverness, you will not find a product that matches this one. The manufacturer has adopted a very practical design by making a litter box enclosure out of a house plant, a very creative approach indeed.

The item has got an excellent ventilation system that will prevent the scent of urine from accumulating, and this makes it ideal for indoor use. This is also one of the very spacious options that you can select, and there is plenty of room for your cat.

The entrance has been placed at a reasonable height, and this will make it easy for your cat to get in and out of this item.


  • The product is quite spacious, and this will make it a great option for you if you happen to have a large cat.
  • There is proper ventilation. The item will not stink in your living space, and this makes it proper for your living room.
  • The design is quite intelligent, and the functionality complements it nicely.


  • Some customers have complained that this item gets damaged very easily, raising concerns about its quality.
  • This is one of the hardest products to clean, and its design makes it really challenging to do so.


Designer Catbox

This particular brand was built with the comfort of your cat in mind. It is a really spacious item that can easily accommodate cats of all sizes, making it quite a unique product. It is one of the best items that you can find in the market today.

This litter box furniture will give you quite an easy time to clean. The design resembles an excellent end table. The finish has been done in such a manner that it makes the item scratch-proof, which is important as cats love sinking their claws into furniture.


  • The item is quite spacious, and this makes it will be easy and comfortable for your cat to use this item.
  • Cleaning the furniture will be very easy, by simply swinging the lid open, you will have access to the interior.
  • The enclosure has been designed to keep pesky dogs and curious children away from the litter box.


  • This is a premium quality item, and this makes it very expensive, in comparison to other similar furniture in the market today.
  • You will most likely require a professional to put the item together, as it is quite complicated.

Factors to consider when purchasing litterbox furniture

Cats, much like humans, desire a lot of privacy when answering the call of nature. Litter boxes are essential for cat owners; however, they do not offer much privacy. There are indeed several excellent options in the market if you are looking to purchase a piece of furniture to conceal your cat's litter box.

Privacy aside, having an open box can be difficult. This will make you uncomfortable, and it certainly makes your living space look unpresentable. You will have to explore means of housing the item discreetly.

Many manufacturers have come up with several designs of furniture that can be used to hide the boxes. These items come in several shapes and sizes, and you will very much be spoilt for choice. This, however, will make it difficult for you to settle on the ideal item.

Can you ever be sure that the furniture that you are selecting is going to be ideal? Well, this is only possible if you make your decision by isolating the best product based on an elaborate list of factors.

We have taken the time to identify these factors, that are sure to come in handy when you are looking for the item to purchase. They include:

The size of the furniture

Before you settle on a piece of furniture, be sure to find out whether or not it will be large enough to accommodate your cat. The selection should be made in relation to the size of your cat in order for it to be ideal.

There can never be harm done in selecting large items, as they are ideal for both small and large cats, not to mention that the larger options are more comfortable and convenient for your cat to use. The spacious commodities are preferable; your cat will use it even as they grow bigger.

The size of your living space should also be considered. Choose a commodity that will be of a reasonable size in relation to the size of the room in which it is placed.

Ease of cleaning

You must always choose a product that you will find easy to clean. The good thing about most of the furniture is that they have designs that allow you to access the insides easily, but this is not a feature that is common in all the items.

If you select a wooden piece, make sure that the wood will not absorb any moisture or fluids. This will make it quite simple for you to rinse off any urine and dirt from its walls. Always ensure that the item can be opened in a manner that all the internal surfaces are easy to reach.

Remember that if you do not clean the item properly, it will end up stinking up your living space, and this undesirable.

Design and styling 

This is a factor that boils down to personal preferences. The item that you have chosen to purchase should complement the décor of your living space, and it should fit in with the rest of the items in your room.

There are indeed several designs, ranging from bedside cabinets to house plants and even end tables. You can get creative with the styling provided that you do not do so at the expense of other factors, especially functionality and size.

Be sure to select an item that has an exquisite design, as it will beautify your home further, and at the same time, provide you with a discreet space to house your cat’s litter box.


It really does not matter the type of commodity that you are purchasing, we normally make up our minds using price as the key factor, and this is also the case, then we consider litter box furniture. Before you settle on a particular piece, ensure that it falls within your budget.

There are several items in the market today that is quite affordable, and bear similar characteristics to the premium-quality items. You should opt for the affordable options, provided that they have functionality, they will provide you with good value for your money.

It is worth noting, however, that most excellent quality commodities usually don't come cheap. You should be prepared to spend extra if you are going to get a decent piece of furniture. If an item is a fair reflection of its quality, then it is definitely worth investing in.

The sturdiness of the item

Any decent piece of furniture is supposed to be sturdy. Keep this in mind when making your purchase. ensure that the items that have been used to make the item are of good quality, as they will determine how durable the item.

Ensure that the surfaces offer great resistance to scratches. This is because cats are known to claw away at furniture. If you are selecting a wooden item, then it should not be of a material that easily absorbs moisture. Wood that absorbs moisture is not very durable.

Remember that if you purchase a sturdy commodity, you will worry less about repair costs and replacement costs.


Most buyers tend to overlook this, but it is imperative that you ensure that the item you have chosen to purchase has adequate provision for ventilation. This will be useful, as it will prevent the smell of urine from accumulating in the furniture, and eventually in your living space.

The best items have got openings that allow for the efficient circulation of air current in and out of the furniture. Your cat will also be comfortable using an adequately aerated item. Cats are ordinarily very clean, and they may end up rejecting smelly litter box furniture.

Be sure to find out how proper the vents are, before purchasing an item.

Ease of assembly

You should always select an item that is going to give you an easy time putting it together. The product that you have selected should have a simple assembly process. The manual should clearly outline the step-by-step procedures.

You might end up taking too much time trying to put together complicated items. You might even end up incurring additional costs getting a professional to put your item together. To avoid this, simply select an item that will be easy to assemble.

Remember that incorrect assembly could cause the entire item to collapse. This might cause injuries to you and your cat.


It is important that you select a product that is easily accessible by your cat. When making your selection, ensure that the opening is wide enough for your cat to pass through, without struggling, as a small opening might discourage your cat from using the litter box.

The positioning of the door is also very important. It should not be too low, as cats will struggle to get in. kittens will also struggle to access the high doors. A decent height is normally somewhere in the middle of the piece.

The product should also be designed in such a manner that it keeps dogs and children away from the box.
Deckers and compartments

This depends on whether you have more than one cat. It is recommended that you select an item with multiple compartments or deckers if you have more than one cat. This will enable them to use the item simultaneously.

Having multiple compartments will also mean that you have to clean the boxes less frequently, as your cat(s) will have the option to switch compartments in case one becomes dirty. There is simply no downside to having compartments, except that you might find it difficult to clean the entire unit.


It is highly recommended that you purchase from a supplier that provides you with all the necessary accessories. Some of the important accessories that you will require include litter pans, pet beds, and of course, the very vital litterboxes.

You will end up incurring additional costs if you choose to purchase these items separately. It is economically prudent to purchase from a manufacturer who will provide you with all the necessities.

Importance of litter box furniture

Privacy for your cat: Having furniture will provide you with all the much-needed privacy it needs to go about its business. It will also make your cat more comfortable.

Less awkward situations: The furniture covers the box properly, meaning that your cat can go, even when your visitors are present. It will prevent the cheeky grins from your kids during mealtime.

Décor: Much like any other piece of furniture, these products will sufficiently complement your living areas. They are also much better than having an open litter box, as they normally seem out of place.

Additional storage: Litter boxes provide extra space for you to place decorative items such as vases, clocks, and miniature sculptures.


If you are a cat owner, you have realized that having an open litter box in your living space can be quite awkward, more so if you happen to be having guests in the house. While the litter boxes are necessities, they just shouldn't be left out in the open.

The solution to this issue is to get a piece of furniture that has been designed to accommodate the litter boxes. These items have made it easier for cat owners to have presentable living spaces. There are several options that are available at your disposal.

Not only are the pieces of furniture essential for concealing your litter box, they provide your cat with much-needed privacy, complement the décor of your living space well, and they also provide you with extra space for items such as clocks, vases and other decorations.

The fact that you have got so many options to choose from might ordinarily sound like a good thing, but it makes the selection process quite challenging. We hope that this piece has provided you with the guidance you will need to make the right choice.

Are you still unsure of the item that will be ideal? If so, then I recommend that you try the one from Merry. This item is a perfect choice, as it has ample space, a very simple assembly process, and excellent design. You will certainly not be disappointed.

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