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You definitely must be wondering, a water fountain? For my cat? Well, I was actually surprised the first time the same was conveyed to me. I couldn’t just piece together the reasons behind such an innovation.

But then, it wasn’t until my kitty started showing signs of reluctance to drinking water, as she used to in the past, when I decided to visit the vet for a checkup. The first thing he asked me after the tests was, ”Have you tried a fountain... A water fountain?”

To my amazement, this has been the most impactful technological innovation of the century, for most pets, that is, for I have noticed drastic changes in the eating habits of my cat since the day I introduced the device in my home surroundings.

I used to think that lack of appetite was just a normal problem with pets. It isn’t. Sometimes, dehydration leads to the development of symptoms such as loss of appetite, lethargy and even situations where the cat pants for long.

In case you have noticed any signs or symptoms that indicate your cat is likely to be sickly, you should probably consider using a hydrating solution, in this case being the water fountain, before making your way to the vet.

This is because it is an item that can help to restore your cat’s health in just a matter of weeks.

I loved the model I purchased basically because it was the most appealing to my cat. She loves beautiful designs. As a matter of facts, most cats do.

Getting your pet one shouldn’t be hard at all. You just need to know what appeals to her most, then you’ll be able to find the model that suits her just perfectly.

Best Cat Water Fountain List



According to statistics we gathered, the MOSPRo fountain seemed to be the crème de la crème of them all. It is an automatic model that gives your pet more than just constant water supply.

Your cat’s health and happiness will be greatly impacted by the introduction of this acquisition into the home. The model itself is safe, made of materials that are completely BPA-free. It is safe to the environment, and won’t cause pollution in any way.

The motor is noiseless. Pets will sleep soundly and with minimal distractions. The manufacturers have reinforced the model to make it waterproof. It is not susceptible to rusting or damage. Every part of it is durable and high quality as well.


  • It has the capacity to hold as much as 2 liters of water. You don’t need to refill it frequently.
  • The MOSPRo consumes less power. It’s estimated to use about 2W.
  • The filtration system will prevent hair and other residue from contaminating the water. This way, it’s kept fresh and clean.
  • BPA-free materials are safe to your pet and to the environment.
  • The motor of the model is noiseless, making it easier for pets to sleep more soundly.


  • It is sometimes hard to clean because dirt may get in between the spinning wheels and cause the accumulation of bacteria.


Ani Mate

The Cat Mate fountain is preferred by most pet owners because of its simplicity. The models are available in two basic colors, at least you have a couple to choose from. You also get a guarantee of 3 years with the purchase.

Purification of water is done carefully, and with high quality materials to facilitate the process. Polymer and pure carbon are used to filter any impurities from getting into contact with the water the cat is gulping down her throat.

The isolated pump system is one of a kind. It’s job is to keep the motors running and the water flowing, but in a noiseless way, such that neither the pet nor the baby around it is distracted from getting a merry nap.


  • The adjustable output system of the pump makes it easier for you to control the model.
  • It uses up less power, the estimation of consumption is 2W.
  • It is easy to maintain. All you need to do is clean frequently to remove piling dirt.
  • It is quiet. The purifying structures consist of high quality carbon and polymer materials.


  • Many people encounter difficulties cleaning the fountain. To do away with such problems, remember to read the manual carefully before installation, to familiarize yourself with all the cleaning processes.



AmazonBasics, one brand that has stood out amongst online sellers by facilitating the sale of quality water fountains for cats. One specificity that has brought about large sales for the company is the uniqueness and affordability of their product.

It has a self dispensing system that ensures water is constantly supplied to the container or dish where the pet drinks from. You can easily mount the tank of water on the dish, and allow the flow of clean water to take effect.

It’s a universal model, meaning you can use it to feed other pets in need of constant hydration. You won’t run out of water, as the tank works to provide water for as long as 20 days without giving rise to the need for a refill each day.


  • It is very easy to use. You won’t spend a lot of time refilling the tank as it provides water for a longer time.
  • Quality materials have been used to construct the fountain. It is durable.
  • There is a connector that prevents leaking water from spoiling your floor. It is watertight.
  • The feet of this device are non-slip and made of rubber.
  • This system relies on the automatic addition of water.


  • Some buyers found issues with the quality of the fountain.
  • It leaks from time to time.


Pet mate

The Pet mate fountain comes with a water dispensing feature that gives the model a continuous supply of water. Filters have been installed to aid in the purification of water and prevent bacterial infections when contaminants seep through.

It will refill automatically hence the constant supply. You won’t worry about frequent refilling, considering the nature of humans being forgetful. It’s also an activity that is sometimes tiresome.

Water that flows into the dish for the cat to drink is clean. The model is portable, meaning it is easier to travel with. It holds about a gallon of water, making it large enough for the pet to get satisfied as she gulps the liquid.


  • There are fountains of varying sizes, ranging from the half gallon models to the largest ones that can hold up to 4 gallons.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Pet mate has been positively reviewed by customers across the world.
  • The dispensing system facilitates continuous refill. You don’t need to worry about that for a long time.


  • There might be some leaking problems with the fountain. These need to be checked.



Being one of the most affordable fountains in the market, isYoung has surpassed the expectations of many, considering a lot of features in the model are specially designed to provide cats with the best drinking experience, even when they’ve been reluctant before.

The stylish green color is very attractive. Beautiful colors tend to be appealing to most cats. Your pet will really love it. It holds a lot of water, 1.6 liters to be exact. All the product's parts work noiselessly. The pets sleep peacefully even with it around.

The icing on the cake for the fountain is the filtration system. Purification of water is done carefully and in a process that ensures the water is completely safe for the pet. Charcoal filters have proven to be very effective.


  • It doesn’t use up a lot of energy.
  • It can hold 1.6 liters, which is more than enough to satisfy the pet's needs every time.
  • It operates quietly, providing the most conducive environment for your cat to sleep in peace.
  • Disassembly of the model for cleaning is quite easy.
  • The filtration system is effective in water purification.


  • A number of pet owners encountered challenges while cleaning the flower part of the fountain.
  • Some filters have been ineffective due to unevenness in the distribution of carbon.

Factors to consider when purchasing a water fountain for your cat

Encouraging and training your pet to get used to drinking water from a fountain comes with numerous benefits. Most cats, especially outdoor ones have been found to suffer from dehydration.

Some may end up dying, just because of lack of access to clean water. It’s good to monitor the habits of your pet, because some cats act stubborn or resilient whenever they are directed to drink water.

Dehydration is a problem that can cause serious complications if not acted upon early enough. Lethargic problems are usually noticeable, as the cat develops sluggishness or drowsiness that makes her dormant or inactive all the time.

Loss of appetite is very common with pets that haven’t had a good supply of water for a while. The cat’s mouth may be dry too, and she may be panting way too often. If you notice these signs, don’t hesitate to incorporate a lasting drinking solution.

When the symptoms persist, consider visiting a veterinarian who may run tests to find the real cause behind the manifestations.

Another critical part of the buying process is the participation in a research module. It helps you in acquiring more information, correct facts that you may not get, compared to the ones placed before you as a sale strategy.

It is possible that some sellers and manufacturers may tamper with the nature or functionality of fountains in a bad way, with the intention to evade extra costs during the manufacturing process.

With the right knowledge at hand, it is very much possible to distinguish fake products from quality ones, as you are better informed. You also get to know your rights as a buyer, especially when handling situations where product warranties and guarantees have been provided.

When looking for cat water fountains, it is possible that you may encounter different challenges. Despite this, it should be in your best interest to find a lasting solution to take care of your cat’s needs, without leaving a gap for dehydration to strike again.

Cats love attractive designs. Depending on how your pet responds to color choices, do an analysis and settle on an appealing model that your pet will definitely be attracted to.

Pets respond differently to environmental changes and situations.

Some actions will trigger special instincts, so you need to know exactly what your cat responds to and in what way she does. This way, you’ll be avoiding purchases that will only scare him or her away, and make it even harder to solve the dehydration problem.

As you make your selections, invest in a product that will be a joy for not only the cat but also you as the caregiver.

We sometimes consider so much about the pet that we forget we are still required to look after the cat, and most importantly the fountain, because high hygienic standards are often required during maintenance.

Carbon filters

Once you have conducted some basic research about fountains and you have helpful information to work with, you will realize that models come with different filtration systems.

Each system works differently to realize the same goal, purifying water to clarity and safety. Drinking fountains usually have parts that are exposed to the environment.

The probability of water becoming contaminated is high indeed, so you need to take extreme measures to ensure that nothing compromises the safety or health of the consumer.

Carbon is an element that is commonly used in making filters. It is a reliable component, considering it exists in a very pure form, unlike most other components used in filtration.

No contaminants or additives have been combined with the element. Despite its pure nature, carbon isn’t that effective in absorption or holding impurities of the minutest of natures. The large ones will be held but the small ones may get to seep.

This problem is mainly because carbon isn’t wholly porous. It’s task of absorption won’t be as successful as using a more porous material, a perfect example being charcoal. However, as a buyer, it’s up to you to choose the filter that you are more comfortable with.


Many people mistake charcoal for carbon and vice versa. It’s hard to distinguish the two, even for manufacturers, who sometimes label the filters wrongly, an error they sometimes make unbeknownst to them, and you as well.

In real sense, charcoal filters contain carbon elements that have been activated. Carbon is a pure element whereas charcoal isn’t. Charcoal contains additional elements, these being oxygen and hydrogen.

To avoid making mistakes as to the nature of carbon or charcoal, don’t forget to contact your manufacturer in case of doubts concerning the materials used.

The nature of charcoal makes it a material that is perfectly porous for the absorption of contaminants and other harmful particles. It does the purification job better, as compared to carbon which won’t take in all the impurities when used as a filter.

While buying the fountain, it’s vital that you check if the model is built with a filtration system.

Some may work just fine, even when lacking a filter. It’s however, more preferable to be on the safer side. A product with a functional water filter will assure you of clean and safe water for the pet to drink.

Fountains using gravity

Most of these are built without purifiers or filters. Gravity filters are simple in structure and functionality, primarily because of the nature of flow of water. The flow is generated from an upper tank. The water then falls into a lower holding where the cat takes the drink from.

The changing of filters is not necessary in these fountains. The main benefit is that the pet will access water for long, and you won’t be requiring any electricity. You won’t spend a dime on bills for this reason.

The most critical factor to routinely stick to is thoroughness during cleaning. Due to the absence of a filter, cleaning standards need to be taken a notch higher, to help overcome the buildup of silt, debris or other harmful contaminants.

Speeds of flow

Products vary according to the structural style of the manufacturers involved. Water flows faster in some models, and cats respond differently to such occurrences. Others will love it while some will be so scared that they won’t even attempt nearing the fountains.

Knowing which particular model appeals to your cat is one way of making the buying process easier. Find one that appeals more to your cat.

There are manufacturers who devised systems with adjustable controllers, to aid in altering the speed of flow of water and filtration, depending on the responsive nature of your pet.


Constantly refilling a fountain is not something you can get used to in days. It’s tiring, and sometimes, you may have a busy day, and in the process you may completely forget to refill the container.

That’s why there are fountains that have larger capacities, to hold water for long and also ensure it doesn’t run out when you are unaware, something that may poise a dehydration threat to your pet.

Models that hold more liters can stay as long as a fortnight without being refilled. Filtration will also ensure that the water doesn’t get dirty easily, making it easier to maintain.

Material used

Fountains vary in designs. A manufacturer would spend more time developing a product that suits your needs, by working on elegance and beauty first. These touches are meant to catch your eye and bring you closer to the models, just like it would for your pet.

Beauty is not that important when the model can barely last, is it? The assurance of a lasting fountain that won’t get damaged, even with consistent use, depends on the quality of materials to be used.

Quality materials always come with a price, well, literally. Where quality is given, value is added, and you definitely will be required to spend more for value.

Getting a fountain made of plastic is very easy, as it is cheaper to acquire. Contrastingly, models made of metal won’t break easily. Stainless metals, especially steel won’t rust. It is more durable and capable of withstanding abuse over the years, to give you unrivaled functionality.

Porcelain is easily breakable, just like plastic. You should invest more in pricey items that give you value and quality builds.

The quality of filters play a major role as well. The filtration system should be orchestrated with perfection. Polymer, carbon and charcoal are the common materials used in the making of purifiers for fountains.

Cleaning process

Everything about cleaning and maintaining a fountain is usually detailed in the manual that comes with the package. The biggest mistake people make is ignoring the guide and working on their own intuition.

Models have many parts that are sometimes complicated to clean, especially when you aren’t adhering to the guidelines of the manual.

Just remember, maintaining the fountain depends on how best you clean it. Disassembling it for a thorough clean is the surest way of preventing bacterial accumulation.


Replaceable filter systems can be installed easily. An effective filtration system will keep the model working. The fountain relies on a continuous supply of fresh and clean water to keep the pet healthy.

In case you are wondering if it is possible to acquire a model that is good for your budget, I’m glad to notify you that it actually is. There are affordable models that are high quality and effective in providing consistent water supply for the pet.

The universality of the Ani Mate water fountain makes it our best pick today. With the purchase, you are assured of a guarantee of 3 years.

The purification system has been redeveloped to keep all impurities away, particularly with the aid of polymer and carbon filters.

Cats are usually irritated or annoyed by noise, especially when they sleep. The isolated pump system is very quiet and will keep your pets napping without disturbance.

I really thank the manufacturer in making the filters replaceable. You can change them regularly to keep the water fresh and clean. There won’t be a spike in electricity bills, as it uses as low as 2 Watts.

Ani Mate cat water fountain is the future we’ve been looking forward to all along. It’s here finally, and to my satisfaction, doesn’t disappoint.

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