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Taking your cat out on a walk can be healthy and beneficial to them. This might sound crazy because not a lot of cat owners can condone the idea. Primary due to the resilience and quickness of cats, and it can be hard to keep up with them if they decide to run.

It is no secret that cats are good on their feet; their stealthiness makes them almost unmanageable. But the truth is that you can train your cat to love outdoor walks and afford them the same privilege a dog would have.

Instead of keeping your cat cooped up in the house. Why not take them on a little walk, have them exercise their mind and body and maybe by the time you are getting back home you’ll see a change in them, a sort of relaxed demeanor.

How do you prevent them from escaping? That is the order of the day, and you can buy a cat harness. I know, before you freak out, it is not dangerous or armful, provided you get the right one specifically suited to your cat.

You have to take into account comfort, safety and convenience of the harness. But above everything else, it has to be strong enough to prevent any unprecedented occurring. The harness should be comfortable around the neck of your kitty.

There are innumerable cat harnesses making rounds on the market, just waiting for you to reach out and grab one of them. “Alas, the human has summoned one of use to his dealings, it is a great day, today we celebrate” Forgive me that’s how I picture the whole thing.

But with different types and specifications, you could easily pick out the wrong harness. That is why I have taken it upon myself to come up with a well-research product list of the best five cat harnesses, so please do indulge me.

Best Cat Harness List


PetSafe Come with Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash

When you allow your cat to explore a world beyond your backyard, you are not only bringing joy and happiness into their lives, but you are also playing a massive role in their overall health. But you have to keep them safe, and that is what this harness ensures.

Rather than targeting all its pressure on the neck and throat, which is detrimental since your cat might suddenly skid off and the harness could end up strangling them, it applies as light pressure on the shoulders. That way you have control over your cat without chocking them.

You can adjust the length and size of this harness to fit your cat perfectly. It comes with a bungee leash that is flexible and doesn’t snap at once when your cat is at the end of the leash. Technically it is 4 foot, but able to stretch up to 6 feet. This harness comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • This harness comes with a leash that can stretch an extra 2 feet to prevent any harm
  • You can adjust it to fit the size of your cat
  • Applies pressure on the shoulders and not neck or throat


  • The grommet holding the upper harness doesn’t provide a strong enough grip
  • It takes time to fit the harness on your cat


PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness

I like this vest harness very much; I am very sure it’s the impeccably stylish design that attracts my eyes, this harness will make your cat look like a movie star carrying guns all over them. Okay maybe not the description you want to be associated with your cat, but it’s pretty cool!

The measurements include; a chest girth of 11.1 to 14.5 inches, a neck girth of 8.6 to 9.9 inches and lastly, there is a leash that is 59 inches. This vest is spectacularly suited to cats that like to scram off since it distributes the pressure throughout the body, so your cat doesn’t get hurt.

The buckles on the vest are strong enough to hold on to your cat, but also easy to adjust, don and take off. It is made from a mesh material which makes it more comfortable for your cat to put on. Attaching the vest harness to the leash are two D rings which provide sturdy support.


  • This vest harness has a stylish design
  • It distributes pressure, rather than focusing on the neck or throat hence safe for your cat
  • Comes with secure and easy to adjust buckles 


  • It is a bit bulky on the front
  • There has been complaints from some people that it is not escape-proof as advertised


Coastal Pet Comfort

The very idea of putting harnesses on cats sounds preposterous, but if you plan on taking your cat out, you must ensure they don’t escape, which should be your number one priority since you don’t want to have a lost cat roaming the streets. Coastal Pet Comfort might just be the solution.

It has a vest design, which is manufactured to have mesh qualities. Hence, it is breathable and quite comfortable on your cat. This design is outstanding since it distributes pressure, instead of concentrating it on the neck or shoulders, which is useful if your cat makes writhing movements.

It is only suited for cats between 8 and 12 pounds. And it is very adjustable, the neck size is 8 to 10 inches, and girth is 14 to 16 inches. So you can fit it on your cat without any scuffles.


  • Adjustable to fit your cat perfectly
    It has a mesh material which is breathable and comfortable
  • It is safe and effective as it distributes pressure properly 


  • It is not suitable for kitties
  • The neck is a bit large for most cats


PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness

This harness is made from nylon, which is strong and able to combat all the scratching and biting likely to be undertaken by your cat. Unless you have a docile cat, but who are we kidding, you don’t come around one of those too often. It also has a selection of various colors.

It is suited for cats that weigh under 12 lbs. and offers a high distribution of pressure from the neck to the back. What I love most about this harness is the level of adjustability. The neck size can be adjusted from 7 to 10 inches and the chest size from 10 to 17 inches.

The lead measures 47.2 inches for efficacy since it is flexible enough to immerse itself in any walking situation fully. Cat owners face a roadblock when trying to fit harnesses onto cats. This one comes with easy to put on and take off buckles that will save you and the cat the struggle.


  • It comes in various colors
  • It can be adjusted to suit the size of your cat
  • It has snap and lock buckles that are easy to put on and take off


  • The strap that goes over the back is too short
  • It is not escape-proof


Yizhi Miaow Escape Proof Cat Harness

The Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness offers different sizes so you might want to take a moment and measure the girth of your cat’s neck and chest, before proceeding to add it in your cart. This way you don’t buy something too small or too big, which won’t be of much help to you.

But whichever size you choose to buy, it comes with an adjustable length, for emergency purposes and convenience. It doesn’t have the plastic buckles we have seen in our products on this list. Instead, it utilizes a magic tape to close and open the vest harness.

Its vest design is accentuated by the polka dot blue color that stands out from other ordinary colors. So you are probably going to get a lot of admiring glances when strolling through the park with your cat. The material is high quality and is fitted with a mesh for breathability.


  • Has a fantastic design and color
  • The straps are adjustable when you choose the size that fits your cat
  • Has a mesh for proper air circulation and also comfort


  • The magic tape is likely to catch the cat’s fur
  • The magic tape is also loud and disturbing to the cat

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Cat Harness

Taking your cat out on a stroll is just as essential to them as your dog. Since the culture has been that dogs deserve to go out to the park, meet their dog friends and chat a little about their home situation and how their owner is treating them.

If you have watched any animation about pets, you know that’s exactly what happens! But walking your cat is a daredevil venture since they are superfast and sneaky. So you need a tight harness and leash to make sure you hold on to them.

But there are a few factors you must consider before buying one. They are mostly aimed at narrowing down your options to the best pick, by taking into account paramount features that are best suited to your cat. Here are some of them;


Cat harnesses are not all designed the same. They differ in specific aspects that you should know. There are three types; figure 8-harness, h-harness and vest harnesses. The one you choose will depend entirely on you and your cat. Go through them attentively and select your winner.

Figure 8 Harness 

This type of harness has earned a tittle as the basic standard harness for cats and even dogs. Its design is that it operates by restraining the cat using two circles that when buckled up end up forming the shape of number ‘eight’.

The straps go around the cat’s neck and their torso, to form an escape-proof structural not. It mostly uses plastic buckles that are locked at the back for a stronger hold. This way, the cat can still walk but is unable to slip out of the harness and make a run for it.

When using this harness, you have to make it very tight, but not too tight such that you feel like you are trying to kill your lovely pet. You just want to prevent your cat from pulling a Houdini, long enough for both of you to enjoy your beautiful walk.

Vest-Style Harness

If you have noticed that your cat can be an exceptional escape artist from the way they keep wriggling out of harnesses. Then perhaps you should get an upgrade by buying a vest harness, and yes it is shaped exactly like a vest.

Though cats have mixed feelings about this harness, some are really into it because it makes them feel comfy and cozy, other cats take some time to fully adjust to this type of body armour meant to keep them retrained.

But the irrefutable fact is, that this harness is the most escape-proof out of all the types. It is made of a large material which is a bit bulky, but it does have its benefits. It can spread pressure over a large surface area, hence no chances of chocking your furry friend.

The donning process is a little tricky, but once your cat gets used to it, then it will be a smooth sail from thereon. You put it on your cat by starting with the head first, then follow through with the legs. The vest harness doesn’t constantly pinch your cat like the strap harnesses.

For the enclosure, you can pick whichever option you please. It is mostly either a magic tape Velcro attached at the back or even your standard buckles. Velcro isn’t a favourite since it usually gets attached to the fur a little too often.


Unlike the figure 8 harness which is just two circular straps with a buckle on the back of the cat, h-harnesses typically look similar to the figure 8 harnesses but have an elongated strap at the back to relieve the pressure from the neck by spreading it around.

Let me give you a clear picture of the h-harness. It is strapped around the neck and the chest of the cat, plus the extended strap on the back of the cat. If you look at it closely from the side, you can see the h shape.

Both the neck and chest straps can be adjusted to the correct size. This harness isn’t exactly the most popular; this might be because it is made of nylon straps only, so it doesn’t cover a large surface area.
The fact that it is not spread out on the body of the cat presents a couple of problems. One, despite adjusting, it leaves some spaces which make it easier for the cat to slip out. Two, the straps can end up pinching the cat, which can hurt or make them uncomfortable.

In short, it is not exactly escape-proof or comfortable. But because of its affordability, it can be a great harness to start with. Perhaps train your cat with it at the backyard, before buying the more efficient vest harness.


The material has a huge role in the overall effectiveness of the harness. The material will determine the durability and comfort of the harness. How exactly? The common types of harness materials you will find are; polyester, nylon and cotton.

So you have to buy a harness with a material that won’t wear out quickly, specifically one that is hard to chew through. Cats can start chewing through the harness. Either to escape or they just like chewing stuff, nylon straps are considered to pretty hard.

If the material of the harness can endure all the tugging and wriggling without suddenly snapping, then it will last longer. You don’t want to buy a cat harness, only for it to snap within a week. That will be terrible, and you won’t feel like buying another one.

Now let’s talk about comfort. Your cat’s body is full of fur, so they are usually warm. So when you decide to add extra material, say like a vest harness. The chances are that your cat will be very hot in there, and that’s just pure torture!

In this case, you should make sure the material is breathable, at least to allow some circulation of cool air. On that note, you can buy a harness with a polyester mesh material of high quality. This way, your cat will be comfortable enough to enjoy that little walk.

Oh, another thing! The material MUST be washable. Yeah, who knows the dirt and germs that harness is going to collect. Especially if you are walking your cat through rough terrain or just puddles of dirty water and so on.

Size and Adjustability

I think this factor is obvious, and I am sure it was already at the top of your head. You must ensure that the size of the harness fits your cat and that it won’t leave any room for escape. Then again, it shouldn’t be too tight. It should be at an innocuous standard.

So what do you do? The best method is measuring your cat’s neck and chest girth. This will allow you to get the best fit for them. You must particularly be vigilant if you are purchasing a harness for a kitten.

There is a more clever solution to make all your problems go poof! Get a harness that has an adjustable feature. That way, you can adjust the harness size at the neck and torso to fit your cat well. The buckles should also be adjustable to efficiency.


You will probably be going on long walks regularly once you get your hands on that cat harness. So it is important to put yourself in your cat’s shoes, or paws (You get the point right). How comfortable is your cat?

To be certain that they are doing okay, you should buy a harness with padding. The padding can cushion your cat so that they don’t feel like they are being held hostage by this human they love so much.


As much as you are dying to get a cat harness, you must not lose sight of the reason you are buying it. Which is to make sure your cat is safe and protected, right in your hands. So the harness must be fitted with safety features.

The first one is a leash; most harnesses come with their compatible leashes. But in case it doesn’t you can always buy one separately, they ensure you have a tight grip on your cat. But the leash must be flexible, not to choke your cat when they start tugging.

Another safety feature is reflective harnesses. It might be a single reflective or a belt, but as long as it is there. This comes in handy in that your cat is visible, even if you accidentally let go of the leash and they dash off, you will be able to find them easily.


As a pet parent, you have a responsibility to protect and care for your cat. But you also owe them a little fun, and they don’t want a party pooper who spends the day lying on the couch. So they will enjoy a little work outside.

It is suitable for their well-being, and it allows them to stretch a little and blow off some steam. I hope we have agreed that a harness is the best way to conduct this activity safely. More so to make sure you come back home with your kitty.

I have classified all those cat harnesses on our list as best, but the ultimate winner is the PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness. It is a vest style-harness, so the pressure is distributed across a large surface area.

At the back, two D rings attach to the leash which is 59 inches for sturdy support. The chest girth is 11.1- 14.5 inches and neck girth is 8.6 - 9.9 inches. I assure you this harness will offer the best services, you and your cat deserve nothing less.

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