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There are many occasions when you are going to find yourself in need of an apparatus that can help you to transport your cat from one place to another safely.

If your feline is in a life-threatening situation, you will need the right equipment to carry her to the pet’s clinic without causing any further injuries and pain.

You may also be a cat lover, and you like traveling around with your cat. Since cats cannot walk long distances like pups, carrying it seems like a nice thing to do.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to transport your cat, I suggest you use cat carriers. These are small portable crates like cages mainly used to transport felines. With the increasing popularity of cats in many homes, you are going to find many carriers on the market.

This has made it much harder for some folks to decide on which product to settle on. In this article, I am going to provide you with a detailed report on the best cat carries you can find out there.

I am going to review only the best five products, with the intense research and testing that I have conducted on each product, you can be sure that the information is legit and genuine.

Best Cat Carrier List


Quaker Pet Group

First in the list is the Sherpa Delta Carrier by the Quaker. This is the best carrier in the market with excellent customer reviews. It has been approved as safe to travel within most airplanes due to easy storage as the wireframes are easily flexible.

Carrying it on your own will not be a problem at all. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap with a soft pad for comfort, together with comfy hand carry straps.

On the inside, you will find an easy to wash liner made using lambskin, which will offer your cat all the comfort it needs when you are carrying it around. With the lockable zippers, you will be sure that your cat will not get out of the carrier without your knowledge.

The presence of the paneled mesh provides proper ventilation; this also helps to remove any unwanted scent inside the carrier. The product is available in black color. And for some alone time, there are collapsible flaps, which you can roll down and up anytime.

This carrier is an all in one product; you can move around with all the pets’ requirements and necessities. It has some side pockets where you can store drugs or anything else your cat may need.


  • The product is made with sturdy materials
  • It is approved to be used in most airlines
  • It comes with additional features like side pockets, making it more convenient


  • Some customers find the fur mat to be too thin
  • The product is only available in color black and medium size only



Another great product is from the AmazonBasics, with their soft-sided carrier carrying your cat around has just been made easier for you. It is mostly transparent all around because of the meshed sides for proper ventilation.

The see-through nature of the product is fundamental as it helps you to keep an eye on your cat at all times. It has two entrances which allow you to place in and remove your pet from the carrier easily.

The product also includes a cozy bed mat for your cat and a base insert. The matt will give your cat the comfort needed while traveling with you. On the other hand, the base insert provides a solid foundation where your feline can rest peacefully.

You will also like the idea of the two handle straps that will help you to carry the bag around. In addition to that, the item also has an adjustable padded shoulder strap for convenient carrying.


  • The fleece is machine washable
  • The product has both side and top opening
  • It is light in weight


  • Shipment difficulties in some regions
  • Few people dislike the dangling of the leash that is found on the inside.


Pet Magasin

The stylish design and appearance of this product will make you want to buy it at a glance. It is light in weight and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, which is fitted with a soft pad for comfort. It also has a hand strap.

The material used in making this carrier is waterproof; the last thing you worry about is your pet getting dry on a rainy day. If you often travel by air, then this carrier is your best choice, since it is approved to travel with on air.

The sides and the front are transparent; this allows your pet to see the surroundings. It also helps you to monitor your cat. The transparent section is also porous, and this provides proper air circulation inside the bag.

One thing you are going to like about the Pet Magasin is that it is collapsible, and this makes it easy to store away when not needed. Also, it is easy to wash. I strongly suggest you give this product a try.


  • It is highly durable
  • It is made using waterproof materials
  • The product has a stylish design and appearance


  • The product has got no warranty
  • Few cats have been reported to escape the carrier by tearing the mesh.



With this plastic carrier, the manufacturer decided to try out something new. The entire product is made of highly durable plastic material expect on the front side, where it is fitted with sturdy stainless steel.

With the steel mesh-wire, you won’t need to worry about your pet tearing the mesh. The proper air circulation is also made possible by the steel mesh in the front entrance and the perforations made on the walls on the carrier.

The product is strong and gives your pet a sense of security. An ergonomically designed handle is fitted to help you carry your cat around more conveniently. There are two entrances the front entrance, which is on the sides, and the top entrance.

One interesting thing about the top entrance is that it can be opened on either of the two sides. The assembly is quite effortless, and the top and the bottom sections can be firmly secured together by using the latches or screws provided.


  • The product is highly durable
  • It is fairly-priced
  • Effortless assembling is required


  • It is quite heavy compared to their similar products
  • Some customers are not satisfied, they are claiming that the top lid is not secure enough



This is it! Do you want a carrier that will allow you to customize it according to your cat's need? If so, then buy your product from the PetLuv brand.

All four sides are accessible. You can choose to open all the sides fully; this is great when you are at your home, and you just want your cat to relax.

When you want to travel, you can decide to drop the mesh to cover the sides. It secures your pet and allows proper air circulation. And when the need arises, you can fully close up all the sides giving your cat the privacy it requires.

On the inside, you will find a double-layered pillow matt, which your cat will enjoy relaxing on. In addition, the pillow is washable. Many customers appreciate that this product can be easily folded, and both assembling and disassembling is effortless. This makes storage easy.

The extra side chamber will come in handy when you have additional things for your pet to carry. Your cat will never escape the cage due to the presence of lockable zippers. With the seatbelt loops, you can easily secure it at the back of your car.


  • It is highly customizable than other similar products
  • Assembling and disassembling is easy, this makes storage also easy
  • It has side chambers for extra storage of cats essentials


  • Shipment is challenging in some regions
  • Few have reported about fragile zippers.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Cat Carriers

Traveling with a pet can be a very stressful experience for both the pet owner and the pet itself. Most of this discomfort is attributed to the hardship involved in finding a compact carrier that is not only acceptable by airlines but also offers your pet enough comfort during the flight.

Most airlines have restrictions and guidelines that strictly dictate the type of pet carriage allowed in their plains. Failure to abide by these guidelines might lead to flight cancellation, or even worse, you can be banned from using their facilities depending on how severely you have transgressed.

Long flights can be quite stressful for pets, especially playful kittens and puppies. This might cause problems like a reduced amount of food intake. It is, therefore, necessary that you ensure you have a comfortable product for your feline to reduce the amount of stress during the flight.

Finding the right product is a task that will require your due diligence as its not just a matter of walking into the nearest pet store and buying the most stylish or cheapest. You have to take your time and evaluate your needs and those of your cat before buying a carrier.

So what should you look for in a carrier? Well, there are plenty of things that you should always think of when shopping. The list is quite long, but I have made a summary of six cardinal factors that will help you get the best for your cat.

Size of your cat

This is perhaps the most important factor that you should consider when buying a product. The perfect size of your pet is that which will have enough room for her to stand, sleep, and move around a little bit. You should buy a carrier large enough to allow such movements.

Too much space, on the other hand, is not necessary as containing your pet’s movement in such an environment can be quite troublesome. Think of a situation where you have to carry the carriage on your hand, and your cat keeps jumping from one corner to the other each time your hand moves.

This will not only give you a hard time carrying her around but will also cause unnecessary stress. The carriage should, therefore, be large enough to facilitate movements in it but should not be too large for your cat.

You should measure the size of your feline to have an accurate estimate of the appropriate product size. You can use any standard pet measuring technique available to get the dimensions of your cat and use them to select the right carrier.

Another important size consideration that should not escape your mind is the ability of the carrier to fit well under your sit in a plane or a bus. Avoid carriages that take too much space as they might give you trouble when you have to fit them under a sit.

The material of the product

The second vital factor that you should also consider when shopping for a feline carrier is the kind of material the carriage is made of. Pet carriers can be categorized into two broad categories, which are soft and hard caries, depending on their material.

Soft carriages are carriages made of fabric material. They usually have clothing as the main material reinforced with nylon and zippers for fastening. The only shortcoming of soft carriages is that they tend to wear out faster, especially when used to carry cats, which have pronounced chewing habits.

You can comfortably use a soft carriage on a small cat or a docile adult. However, if you have an adult feline that is playful and has a tendency of chewing things around the house, then this might not be an ideal pick for you. You should consider buying a hard carriage instead.

Soft carriers are relatively easier to clean as they can be washed with water and soap like normal bags. However, due to their light-duty material, they tend to wear out and tear after prolonged washes.

Waterproof soft carriers are becoming popular. If you have had a feline for long, you must know that these lovely creatures do not fancy rain at all. A waterproof carrier can, therefore, come in handy for you when the weather is rainy.

On the other hand, hard carriages are made of tough plastic material and are sometimes reinforced with wire mesh for ventilation. These carriages tend to last longer as they are made of long-lasting material.

One of the reasons why these commodities are popular with pet owners is their durability as they can withstand biting and chewing by pets. They are also easy to clean and do not tear from continued washing.

The heavy-duty nature and the durability of strong carriages make them ideal for carrying around large pets. You can confidently tuck your feline in there without having to worry about it chewing its way out.

Design and portability of the carrier

Your decision to buy a carrier must have been informed by a desire to have an easy time traveling around with your pet. It, therefore, makes sense to consider the portability of a carriage before buying it.

The portability of a product can be evaluated on several bases. Design, for instance, is a primary factor that determines how portable a given product is. This also applies to cat crate. A well-designed product should be flexible and foldable.

This design feature is really important as it will save you some reasonable space when you have to store them. Soft crates are usually easy to fold as their material allows for that kind of flexibility.

If you are considering buying a hard crate, take the time to study the design of the product to ensure that it can easily fold. Most of such products are made of adjustable parts that can be bent or fold to your liking.

Another design feature to keep in mind is the weight of the product. This is a common problem with hard items as the heavy-duty materials tend to make them heavy. You should avoid products that will give you a hard time when you have to carry them around.

To make up for the heavyweight, hard carrier manufacturers are now designing products with wheels on them. If your feline is heavy for you to carry on your arms or back comfortably, such products can be of great help to you as you can move them around easily thanks to their tires.

Soft carriers, on the other hand, tend to be lightweight as they are mainly made of fabric. Some of them as so light that a toddler can comfortably walk around with! You should, however, gauge the ability to support your cat's weight before taking them home.

A good product should also have features that can help regulate the amount of light entering the carrier. It should not be too dark, as this might cause discomfort to the pet. Some carrier makes have curtain-like folds that can either be drawn or closed if need be.

Other additional design features include safety belt straps that are used to hold them in place when a vehicle is moving. Others also have shoulder straps that you can use to carry the carrier on your back like a backpack.

Some recent designs have side chambers used to carry a variety of items, including food and restrain. This will save you the trouble of having to carry along an extra bag for the same. You should, therefore, choose an elegantly designed carrier that will meet your needs.


Ventilation is both a comfort and a safety consideration. Just like any other living creature, your feline needs to inhale fresh air at all times least; you might have to nurse it from respiratory complications.

Ventilation plays a big role in ensuring that your feline sits in a comfortably cool carrier and has a constant supply of fresh air throughout the flight. So how do you determine if the crate is well ventilated?

Soft carries usually have the best ventilation as they are mostly made of mesh clothing. This allows fresh air to enter the carriage at the same time, letting stuffy air out of it, which ensures that the carrier remains cool at all times.

Manufacturers of hard carries also incorporate ventilation features by putting ventilation slots that allow for free air circulation within the carrier. Inadequately ventilated carriers should be avoided at all costs as they can easily suffocate your cat.

It is also important to remember that your pet's carrier should be able to contain warmth when the weather is extremely cold. It's therefore important to ensure that the product is not too ventilated and its interior has some warm lining material for this effect.

Approval by transport facilities

Lastly, you need to make sure that your choice of cat carrier is acceptable by your most frequent means of transport. If you travel by air a lot, you should take the initiative to find out what restrictions are in place when it comes to approved pet carriers.

The same case applies to public road and railway transport. You should take your time to know the acceptable standards to avoid breaking the law. This, however, might not be an issue if you use your private means of transport.


If you are cat enthusiasts, you are well aware that leaving your feline behind is not an option available for you. For that reason, finding the right equipment to help you carry your feline is necessary.

With this review, I believe that you are now in a better position to buy the right feline carrier in the market. Despite the detailed review, I would still want to recommend a product I find more reliable and convenient, in my opinion.

I strongly suggest the product from Quaker Pet Group; it is manufactured using durable materials and comes with additional features like side pockets where you can store other pets’ essentials.

With the hand strap and a shoulder strap, you are going to have an easy time moving around with it. The meshed panel provides the proper circulation of air inside the crate. If you are looking for a cat carrier order, own right now from Quaker.

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