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Go Pet Club 6’

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I have had very bad experiences with my cat. Just try and figure out this scenario: my wall had been freshly painted a white and cream colors combo. After an entire day of playing outside, my cat comes and climbs up the wall before it had actually dried up.

In the process she scratched through and destroyed the look I had given my house! Annoying, right? Well, that is not all! At times she climbs up the couch and sits staring at the television. This leaves my couch looking very messy.

If you were me you would definitely get annoyed. But do you think it is her fault? Cats are playful creatures and they sometimes need something to keep them busy. Furthermore, they prefer staying up tall structures so as to monitor their surroundings.

A cat tree or condo may be the ultimate solution you are looking for. This is a contemporary furniture that will allow you cat to play, climb, sleep, scratch and even perch.

However, selecting a suitable condo may be an overwhelming task as there are more than 2o options out there, all varying in features. I have done a review of available options and come up with top 5 selections that you may want to look at.

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats List


Go Pet Club 6’

I am pretty sure that you want to purchase a cat condo that will be strong enough to support the weight of your large cat, such that she or he will not fall of the structure. If that is the case, this product may be your best choice.

It is perfectly designed from a robust wood structure, which accommodates cats that weigh up to 20 pounds. Therefore, you can be sure that your cat will be safe. The cat will also give your cat an intriguing environment to challenge herself.

Being 6 feet tall, there is a larger room for your cat to climb upwards, thereby having maximum exercise and a chance to keep her mind active. The condo comes with stair ramps, making it easier for lazy cats to climb.

Guess what? This product actually has houses of different sizes giving your cat the opportunity to exploit whichever she likes!


  • strong structure made from compressed wood
  • has several level platforms
  • has different-sized condo houses


  • needs some assembling
  • may be overwhelming to climb for lazy cats


Aeromark International Armarkat

Did you know that you can get all the essential features that you are looking for just in one structure? Aeromark provides you with a very advanced cat condo that both you and your cat will fall in love with.

Being 6 feet tall, it allowed your cat to be actively stimulated as she has a very wide area to cover before she gets to the top! This product has been designed with a number of level platforms.

This means that your cat can lazy around in any position that they like. Do you know what is more? After your cat is done with all her playing, there is a posh condo house that has been designed to allow her rest.

I tend to think the designer had the best interest of your cat at heart while putting it up. He even went the extra mile to make the tree comfortable by covering it with some faux far. Your cat could stay here all day playing with the toys that accompany the tree.


  • Equipped with interactive toys
  • Several level platforms
  • Has a posh condo


  • It is very expensive
  • It only has one condo house


Go Pet Cat 4’

In reality, most of us always want to get good and quality products at a very low price. We often fear spending. Who doesn’t like money anyway? But then that is quite the opposite of what really happens in most cases.

Good things will always come with a very hefty price tag. It will be sheer luck to get a quality product that is cheap. Fortunately enough, this product falls under those exceptions. Besides the fact that it is cheap, it still gives you the features you want.

The tree is 4 feet in height, still allowing your cat to do some climbing. As though that is not enough, it is also equipped with multiple-level platforms that allow your cat to settle at the height she likes.

It also has some scratching posts made of sisal rope, allowing your cat to divert her energy there instead of scratching your carpet and couch. A hanging rope crowns it all as it allows her to claw at it or even play and remain lively.


  • Comfortable condo house
  • Scratching surfaces
  • Various level platforms


  • Can only support a weight of up to 20 pounds
  • It is shorter


Vesper Cat V-High

Some people tend to be perfection freaks and extremists. We want everything to look the way we want it to, not the way someone else want it to. In most cases, we just want every furniture to dance to the tune of your home décor.

We got you covered. This product has a contemporary design and finish made from New Zealand pine that will blend well with your home and give it a touch of elegance.

This cat condo is designed with various level platforms, which gives your cat a number of options to explore. Just like the rest, it also has a condo where your cat can lounge.

What else will you find to be unique and lovely? The manufacturer saw it fit to place cushions on each of these platforms and in the condo. This allows your cat to stay comfortable. In fact, you can remove them for cleaning or replacement if you want to.

Your cat will also have the pleasure to enjoy a separate entrance and exit, which are fitted in the condo. 


  • Has scratching posts
  • Posh condo
  • Removable cushions


  • It’s shorter
  • The condo can’t support cats above 15 pounds


Go Pet Club 8’

How high do you want to see your cat getting to while dong the climbing? Do you want to ensure that there is extra engagement and exercise to keep your cat active? Then you made the right call! This is the best cat condo for you.

It is 106 inches tall which translates up to around 8 feet. It gives you an adjustable pole at the top of the tree which you can adjust to reach the ceiling. This can be very intriguing for your cat!

It has been designed with a number of level platforms that also have hanging baskets for your cat to play with. For comfort, the sturdy wood tree has been covered with faux fur, allowing your cat to rest for longer periods.

There are also scratching posts from sisal rope that ensure your cat’s nails do not grow extra tall. It has three condos that allow your cat to enjoy its environment from different locations and views.


  • It is extra tall
  • It has 3 condo houses
  • Has hanging 


  • The baskets only support up to 15 pounds
  • The adjustable pole must be extended to the ceiling for maximum support

Factors to consider before buying a cat condo for large cats

You see, if you find this debate about buying a cat tree awkward, then probably that is a red flag that you do not own a cat! A cat tree or condo or tower can go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy having a cat as a pet animal.

On the contrary, you might even never think of buying one as your pet, and if you already do, selling it might actually sound like a fancy option. Trust me, your feline pal will always annoy you in some point.

They are always playful friends who like to scratch and climb. If you don’t think of buying a cat tree, then be prepared to always find your couch covered in some cat hair, or scratched giving it an ugly look.

With that said, how do you know which is the best cat tree to purchase? Every manufacturer will always represent their products as being perfect. Truth be told, not all those products turn out to be perfect as they say.

Therefore, you have a tsk as a purchaser to ensure that you are buying a quality product. Here are a number of factors that you should look out for in a cat tree.


There are various dimensions that you should consider in as far as the out-look of a cat tree is concerned. The first in this category is just the physical appearance. When we talk of a cat tree, we don’t mean that it should be ugly.

In as much as it is meant for your cat, it also plays a significant role in how your living-room will appear, as this is where it will be located in most cases. You therefore want to find a cat tree that will give your living room that extra touch of elegance.

Always try to ensure that the appearance of the product goes along with your home décor. This way, even visitors may be attracted to it!

The other aspect that you have to consider in relation to the out-look is your cat’s color. It is advisable that you buy a condo that blends well with your cat’s fur. This way, even if the condo gets shredded in your cat’s fur, it will not look untidy.

So then, always consider buying dull colors such as grey, brown, black or beige.


Cats always have varying sizes, depending on how old it is or how well you feed it. In a like manner, cat trees are always designed in different sizes. You therefore don’t expect that a cat tree that is being used by small or medium cats can fit a large cat.

That is why it is vital to have the size of your cat in mind when you are thinking of purchasing a cat tower. For that reason, it is important that you go for complex trees that can be used for multiple purposes as opposed to a simple one.

Further, always check how wide or tall the cat tree is. Essentially, I recommend that you buy one which is big upwards as opposed to sideways. This however depends with how big your house is.

A tall and thin tree will save space and give you convenience. If however you house is large enough, either size will work just fine.

The number of pet cats you have will also be instrumental in the selection of a tree. If they are many, buy a tree that is big enough and has multiple condo houses to accommodate all the cats.

Ease of assembly 

Undoubtedly, most or all cat trees need some assembling of the various parts before they become ready for use. What is the best thing that you can do?

The most viable option is to ensure that you buy a tree that will be easy to use. That includes the ease of setting the material parts up as well as removing them. In any case, you might want to bring them down for effective cleaning.

Although outing together the various parts does not necessarily require any particular expertise, it is always good to ensure that a product does not give you difficulties.


The material used to make a cat tree will contribute to how strong and sturdy it will become. In most cases, some will be made from among others, solid compressed wood, particle boards, and pine.

Some will tend to be cheaper than the rest, but the focus should be on durability. It is therefore essential that you do your research and find out how well a given cat tree can last.

Usually, this is not something that is meant for a one time use. You therefore have to ensure that you are investing in the right product. If you have multiple cats, ensure that is robust enough to support their weight.

Normally, they will have weight limits which calls for informed decisions.

The material will also count towards how comfortable your cat will be to use the tree or the condo house. It is thus advantageous to find that tree that has been laced with faux fur, which is soft.

You may also want to consider your cat’s preference when it comes to the material, as you may find cases where you have purchased a tree but it still plays in carton boxes. In addition, what does your cat prefer to scratch?

Some usually prefer wood, some carpeted posts and others sisal rope. Therefore go for that which goes well with your cat. If you are uncertain, settle for a tree with a number of options.


A perfect cat tree must not be a safety hazard for your cat, as they need our care and protection as much as we do. This therefore calls for you to exercise maximum prudence before purchasing a tree.

Always check the base to ensure that it is wide enough and stable to support the weight of your cat. Have in mind that cats can be very playful, jumping from one level platform to another.

Further, ensure that the load-bearing capacity of the cat tree matches the weight of your cat or cats. Buying an unstable tree will be both a safety hazard and a waste of finite resources.

Your cat’s personality 

Always remember that you are buying the cat tree for your cat and not as a house decoration. Therefore, you should ensure that the personality of your cat is taken into account.

Weigh how playful your cat is, or how much it likes to climb. If he or she is climber, remember that cat trees come in different heights all way from 4 feet to 8 feet. You may therefore consider buying the 8 feet one.

If she is playful, consider whether the tree will support that end, for instance one that has some hanging toys around it. Also, if your cat is just dormant, or likes sleeping, then ensure that the sleeping areas are easily accessible to him or her.

This way, the cat may develop a good relation with the tree and will stop messing around with your couch or other household furniture.


This is another very important aspect, as you don’t want to end up overspending on a sub-standard product. In most cases, good products will always cost much more. What do you do?

Set a range of money that you are willing to spend on a cat tree. Proceed to compare the different features and qualities of each cat tree, to see which is more likely to serve its purpose.

As we noted earlier, buying a cat tree is like an investment as it is not meant for a one time use. Therefore be sure to get a durable furniture. After identifying the possible options, compare their prices and settle for that which is friendly to your pocket.

Why should you buy a cat tree

Besides the obvious reason which is to offer your cat a place to scratch, lounge, climb, perch and sleep, a cat tree can also serve other several functions. Can you guess what these are?

Imagine if it is winter season when it is extremely cold outside. Your cat may not be able to go out and play, yet the occasional playing is essential to keep your cat mentally stimulated.

Here, the cat tree steps in to fill the vacuum. Your cat will have the opportunity to play without experiencing the harsh weather conditions outside, and this is just the best gift that you can give to him!

A cat tree may also be the solution you are looking for if you have an overweight cat that you want to help shed weight and keep its muscles lean. The jumping and skipping is what you need to keep the cat in shape.

The protection that the cat tree offers to your furniture cannot be gainsaid. Basically, your cant will stop scratching your sofa and furniture since it has an alternative ground. The cat fur that it normally leaves on your couch will disappear.

For cats that are often afraid, let’s say of vacuum cleaners or your child’s playing toys, this will be a good solution. It provides a raised ground off the floor where you cat can stay, accommodating everyone in the house.

Are cat trees meant for large cats only? 

The answer is no. both small, medium and large cats can enjoy the comfort of a cat tree. All you really have to do is ensure you purchase a cat tree that can accommodate all these sizes.


After the experience with my cat, I can’t stop to emphasize just how important a cat tree can be for a cat owner. It should and must form an essential part of your home furniture, as it will serve justice to both you and the cat.

However, I am fully cognizant of the fact that settling for the best cat condo can be such a tiring task, as there are more than 20 options that you have to choose from. It is in line with that that I recommend to you Go Pet Club 6’.

Besides being pocket friendly in terms of its cost, this cat tree will provide everything you want. It is made from compressed wood and is 6 feet tall. The tree comes with a number of level platforms and more than one condo house.

It also gives your cat a scratching surface made from sisal rope, and has been covered with faux fur which makes it more soft and comfortable for your cat. The design includes stair ramps which your cat could utilize to climb up the robust structure.

What more would you probably want that this cat tree doesn’t have? Better buy one today!

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